• Museum of Fire Heritage Team

Meet the heritage team - Ask a Museum Day 2022

For Ask a Museum Day this year we wanted to introduce you to our heritage team! Are you curious to know what it is like to work in a museum? Our team have answered questions just like this to give you an insight into their work, as well as some fun questions like whether or not our museum is haunted… Keep reading to find out!

Meet our Heritage Manager Natasha!

Natasha preparing the manikins for our exhibition "Celebrating our Connections with Japan"

What does your typical day look like?

My role is to oversee the heritage and curatorial collection team, as well as the volunteers who assist with our digitisation project. My day typical involves researching information for the museum’s heritage works, such as station and brigade centenaries, object labels and exhibitions. I also respond to research enquiries from the public and assess donations offered to the museum. 

Depending on what the museum is working on, I can also be found preparing for exhibitions or setting up displays with our many objects. As we are a small museum, I also participate in engagement activities that the museum attends or hosts. 

How do you get a job in a museum?

I completed my undergraduate degree in cultural heritage and literature, then went onto complete a Masters Degree at Sydney University in Museum and Heritage Studies. I also volunteered while I was studying. 

What is your museum doing to diversify your collection?

For History Week, the museum announced that it is going to begin actively collecting oral histories. While the museum has an audio archive, we are hoping to add to this with oral histories and the personal perspectives of fire fighters. The museum also has plans to incorporate Indigenous fire management history and perspectives into the museum in the near future. 

What’s on a Curators playlist?

Anything and everything! At the moment I have been listening to Paul Simon, Soundgarden, Ghost, Alice in Chains and Beyonce. 

Do you have any cats in your collection?

Not that I am aware of, but I have two adopted cats and a miniature, longhaired dachshund. 

Meet our “new” Curator Ben!

Ben is pictured here enjoying a ride on one of our heritage vehicles

What does your typical day look like?

As a member of our heritage team, I am involved with doing historical research for our blogs and sourcing photos from our photographic collection. Then I go about writing up the blogs and putting them on our website. I also participate in heritage enquires by either researching or communicating our information with those who have expressed enquires.  

What do you love about your job?

I love being able to get hands on with history and bringing the stories our objects and collections contain to life! We have many vehicles in our collection as a firefighting museum, and I can’t imagine the multitude of tales each of our fire engines must contain. With all the incidents they would have attended whilst they were in service, to all the firefighters that would have sat on the seats, it is a great honour to be a part of the process to share the stories they hold.   

Who is your favourite figure from history?

Queen Hatshepsut of Ancient Egypt. As one of the earliest female pharaohs, her reign and her story is very impressive.  

Is your museum haunted?

It might be! Our museum is in an old heritage listed power station that dates back to the 50’s. In such a large and grand building sounds tend to travel quite easily and at times, though it might just be the wind, it can certainly make it feel like someone is running around, causing a ruckus in