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Does the museum have an admission fee? 

Yes, the Museum of Fire is a not for profit, charity and all proceeds from entry tickets go towards maintaining the museum and conservation needs. Please see our admission fees page for a full list of ticket prices. 


Do you accept Companion Cards? 

The museum provides Companion Card holders with a concession discount for admission. Please see our admission fees page for a full list of ticket prices. 


Is parking available at the museum and what does it cost? 

Parking is available on the museum ground and is free for all patrons. During special events, we recommend that you consider alternative modes of transport as parking is limited and fills up quickly. The Penrith Commuter Car Park on Combewood Avenue is a paid parking facility next to the museum and parking fees begin at $5.00 for the first three hours. 


Is there a café or food and drinks available at the museum? 

There is no café or food available to purchase at the museum. The museum has a wonderful picnic area with seats on the grounds and patrons are welcome to bring food and drink with them. The museum does not sell bottled water, however a bubbler is available outside near the toilet block. Food and drink are not permitted inside the museum. 


When are fire engine rides on? 

Fire engine rides are not available every day. Check out our calendar for a full schedule of ride dates. Fire engine rides are available for purchase between 10:00am and 2:00pm on scheduled days. 


There are a lot of buildings around the museum grounds. Which building are you in? 

The museum is situated in the old Penrith Power station, which was refurbished to house the museum. We are located in the largest, grey building with ‘Museum of Fire’ written on the outside wall. When you are visiting and driving down Museum Drive, our building is directly in front of you. If you are entering through the side entrance on Combewood Avenue, you will see the museum’s glass entry doors directly in front of you, across the lawn. 


Where is the front entrance? 

The front entrance to the museum faces the Penrith railway tracks. When you are visiting and driving down Museum Drive, the museum will be directly in front of you. The entrance is located on the right – simply park and follow the arrows on the road where you will see large glass doors. If you are approaching from the side entrance on Combewood Avenue, you will see the museum’s glass entry doors directly in front of you, across the lawn. 


Is the museum accessibility friendly? 

Yes, the museum prides itself on supporting diversity and inclusion. We have accessibility facilities both inside and outside of the museum. There are also plenty of parking spaces suitable for accessibility vehicles, and the museum floor is a single-level facility. The museum also runs a sensory friendly session every Thursday. For further information, please see our accessibility page


Are there museum exhibitions outside? 

No, the museum’s exhibitions and display are all located inside of the museum for their protection and conservation. However, during special museum events, such as ‘Heritage Day’, a number of the museum’s heritage fleet vehicles are on display on the museum’s lawn. The museum also holds a behinds the scenes tour annually, where patrons can see our fleet storage and some the vehicles which are not on display. 


Can I bring pets with me to the museum? 

Only registered service pets are permitted entry into the museum. 


Can I drop off objects to the museum that I wish to donate? 

For all research requests and offers of donation, please email your enquiry to or see our donation page for further information. All donations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must be reviewed by our Heritage Manager and Curator, who are not always on site. Donation offers will not be accepted by front of house staff, so we ask that you do not bring donations to the museum without speaking to our heritage team first. 


Do you do heritage research for the public? 

Yes, the museum has a small, dedicated heritage team who are happy to answer heritage related questions and assist with research requests. For further details on how to go about a request for research, please visit our Request for research page


I have a group of home-school children who would like to visit. Are we still able to attend an educational program? 

Yes, primary schools, vacation groups and home-school groups are all welcome to attend our educational programs. For further details, please see our Home-school group page

Is the siren mounted on the roof of the building outside still operational?

Yes! The siren is in good working order. You can read about the history of the siren on the object information board, which is mounted on the wall just below it.


I’m not from this area – where can I find something to eat or drink?

We recommend a short 5 minute walk towards Penrith railway station along Combewood avenue. You will find coffee, food and drinks available at Platform T8 and Profiterole Patisserie. You can also take the underpass through the station and find further options at Penrith Westfield shopping centre.


Can I smoke at the museum?

The museum is a non-smoking facility. We thank you for your consideration.

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