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Vacation Care

Museum of Fire: Bringing fire history to life!
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All of our employees and volunteers are vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Museum of Fire tells the story of Fire and Rescue through objects, historic vehicles and interactive displays.


With engines dating back to the early 1800’s the Museum of Fire stands as a fitting monument to the heroic firefights who support our communities. The steam engines, horse drawn carts, manual pumps and modern motorized engines also highlight how transportation has changed over the years.


Vacation Care groups are welcome at the Museum of Fire on any day during the school holidays.


You are welcome to come and run your own visit, alternatively for groups of 15 or more children we can provide a more structured visit for your convenience!

Overview of structured Vacation Care visits

A visit to the Museum of Fire is suitable for infants, primary and high school aged children.


Here is some information to help you in planning your visit.

A structured visit typically lasts about 4 hours, but can be tailored to be as short or long as you need.

The structured visit includes a Fire Safety Talk, Emergency Services role play experience, a self-guided tour of the Museum and a ride on a Fire Engine.

Planning Your Visit

The self-guided tour focuses on a number of key themes. On the day we will provide you with all the information you need to guide your group around the Museum.

Venue and Safety Information

The Museum has a general risk assessment which covers an excursion from our perspective, but all Vacation Care groups are legally required to complete their own.


Click here for a copy of our Venue and Safety Information.

How to Book

Venue and Safety Information

All groups visiting the Museum of Fire must book in advance.

Please note that the minimum number for a structured Vacation Care Program is 15 students.


Bookings can be made using this link, or on (02) 4731 3000


We are open 9:30am to 4:30pm all year round (except Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year)


Vacation Care Groups: $11 per student. This includes a Fire Safety Talk, Emergency Services role play experience, a self-guided tour of the Museum and a ride on a Fire Engine.

Supervisor-to-Student Ratios

Supervisor-to-student ratios are 1:10


Any additional adult helpers are charged at $10 per person. If you require further confirmation of what your ratio allocation would be, please call the Museum on (02) 4731 3000.

  • Free coffee and tea for all carers and support staff

  • On Site Parking [including disabled parking]

  • Accessible toilets

  • Gift Shop

  • Picnic and playground facilities


Should you require any further information or assistance in planning your visit, please contact the Museum on (02) 4731 3000

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