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Conditions of entry

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at the Museum, we kindly ask you to observe the following:


Prohibited items that may not be brought into the museum:

  • Large luggage items (these can be left with our front of house staff)

  • Any animal (other than an assistance animal accredited under a State or Territory law to assist a person with a disability to alleviate the effects of disability; or that is accredited by an animal training organisation).

  • Any kind of real or toy weapon, firearms or other items or substances which could be considered dangerous.

  • Aerosol containers, laser pointers, and balloons are not permitted.

  • Any item which, at the discretion of museum staff, is considered capable of being used to cause damage to our collections or to conceal a collection object for removal.


Protecting our collection:

  • Please do not touch, or in any other way, interfere with collection objects or displays unless indicated, including touching or moving ropes and barricades.

  • Please do not run in the museum, climb the heritage vehicles or other exhibits or use furniture for anything other than its intended use.

  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the museum premises.

  • Please do not eat or drink (including having containers of food or drink) inside the museum.

  • Please respect the toys and books located in the Junior Firefighters Area, these are the property of the museum.


Photography and filming:

  • Visitors are welcome to take photographs or film at the museum for personal use.

  • Drones cannot be flown on the Museum of Fire grounds without prior written approval. For more information about approval visit our Public Use of Drones document.


Additional entry conditions:

  • Contractors working on the grounds will need to follow the policy of their employer and the Museum of Fire’s terms and conditions.

  • Please consider staff and other visitors during your visit and be respectful at all times. Aggression of any sort will NOT be tolerated.

  • Must ensure children under 16 years of age are accompanied by an adult and are actively supervised at all times.

  • When in the museum visitors must comply with any direction from museum staff.

  • The museum operates Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras throughout the premises.


Thank you for your support and co-operation.

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