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Station Focus: Tumut Fire Brigade 1895-2024

*This information is an extract from the colour-book produced by the Museum of Fire's Heritage Team to celebrate the centenary of Tumut Fire Station. Should you wish to use any of the information and pictures provided we ask that you please reference the Museum correctly and contact the Museum for permission where applicable.

Establishment of a Fire Brigade in Tumut

Discussions for the establishment of a fire brigade in Tumut occurred after a premises owned by Mrs T. Downing was destroyed by fire on 7 September 1888. After several years, a local volunteer brigade was finally established by 1895, with it reported that they attended a fire in Mr. A. Jenkins’s tailor shop on 28 November 1895. Between 1895 to 1903 it appears the brigade had disbanded as reports mention the first committee meeting of the newly organised brigade at O’Brien’s Hall in August1903. The brigade was housed at a temporary fire station on Russell Street which was provided free of use by Mr. J. Weedon. In April 1908 land had been set aside for the construction of a new fire station on the corner of Richmond Park with the brigade occupying the new station by August 1908.

Tumut Fire Brigade outside their station, c. 1911 [Image courtesy of Tumut Fire Brigade]

The Extension of the Fire Brigades Act and Construction of a New Station

With the establishment of the Fire Brigades Act 1909, Tumut was moved under the jurisdiction of the Board of Fire Commissioners of NSW. In July 1910 the building, reels, hoses, branches, and other appliances together with an amount of £112.4.3 (approximately $18,450 today) were transferred to the Board of Fire Commissioners of NSW, who also indicated that the local fire station was in an unfavourable position which did not provide the best vantage point to respond to incidents, thus it needed to be moved to a more central site.

On 15 October 1912 a site on Wynyard Street was purchased and in 1913 the station was moved from the site in Russell Street to its new site. The station was later deemed unsuitable and after a few years in July 1921 Tumut was given approval to construct a new fire station on the existing site. While the new station was being built, the current station was dismantled in sections and reconstructed on a new site to temporarily house the appliances. It was recommended that the old station be sold once the new one was completed. The new station was completed by 2 January 1922 and an official opening was held on 6 January 1922. The new station consisted of an engine room, recreation room, dressing room, bathroom, and storeroom.

Tumut Fire Station on Wynyard Street, December 1999 [Museum of Fire Collection]

Tumut Fleet List








Hose Reel




Hose Reel


Garford 75




Garford 15




Dennis 250/400




Dennis 250/400




Bedford J1




International 1710A




Isuzu FTR-900 4x2



Captains List

  1. J. Lees (1903 – 1904)*

  2. A. Dye (1904 – 1905)*

  3. J. Lees (1905 – 1907)*

  4. F. Myers (1907 – 1908)*

  5. A. Dye (1908 – 1913)

  6. H. W. Baker (1913 – 1940)

  7. E. W. McDonald (1940 – 1943)

  8. L. N. Day (1943 – 1944)

  9. W. R. Frowd (1944 – 1962)

  10. M. J. Frowd (1962 - 1966)

  11. N. I. Bye (1966 - 1979)

  12. R. J. Hollaway (1979 – 1999)

  13. K. H. Willis (1999 – 2007)

  14. M. Ivill (2009 - Present)

*Prior to 1910 it was common practice for the brigade’s officers to be elected each year during their annual meeting.

Over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of March 2024, Tumut hosted the Regional Firefighting Championships which included a presentation to celebrate 100 years of Tumut Fire Station. Their fire station's centenary was back in 2022 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was delayed until 2024 to coincide with the championships.

Tumut Fire Brigade with Assistant Commissioner Cheryl Steer (left) and Museum of Fire CEO Belinda McMartin (right)

- Story by Museum of Fire Heritage Team


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