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Station Focus: Adamstown (1891-1946)

*This information is an extract from the colour-book produced by the Museum of Fire's Heritage Team to celebrate the opening of the new Lambton Fire Station at an event held in 2016. This book included the history of five stations. These were New Lambton, Lambton, Hamilton, Adamstown and Broadmeadow Fire Brigade's. Should you wish to use any of the information and pictures provided we ask that you please reference the Museum correctly and contact the Museum for permission where applicable.

This week our station blog is slightly different as we take a look at a closed Station. Back in 1946 Adamstown Fire Station was closed and the staff transferred to the New Lambton Fire Station. One-hundred years ago this month, November 1921, marks the opening of the Adamstown's new station so we thought we'd share the history of this now defunct station as it links in very closely with that of Lambton Fire Station.

Adamstown Fire Brigade, 1918 (Museum of Fire Collection)

A Brief History of Adamstown Fire Station

On 27 December 1890 a meeting was held at the Adamstown Council Chambers for the purpose of establishing a local volunteer Fire Brigade. Earlier in the year, in April, the Hamilton Fire Brigade had visited the town to express to locals the importance of having their own Brigade to protect the town. As part of the visit the Hamilton Brigade also inspected the hydrants and found that many were covered in dirt and un-usable. As a result of this visit steps were taken to improve the fire safety of the town however some opposition to the idea was experienced with people questioning how efficient a local brigade could be with many of the young men working in the pits of the mines and unable to rapidly respond. The motion was passed however with the support of the Hamilton Fire Brigade.

On Saturday 3 October 1891 the official opening of the new Adamstown Fire Station took place however rain did spoil the occasion to some extent, keeping festivities brief. In November 1921 a new station was erected on the same site by the Board of Fire Commissioners.

Eventually due to costs both Adamstown and Lambton Fire Stations were closed with most of the staff of both Station’s transferred to the New Lambton Fire Brigade. This occurred in 1946, and while Lambton Fire Station was eventually re-opened Adamstown remained permanently closed. At the time of its closure Adamstown was identified with Station number 8 for the Newcastle area.

Photograph from Museum of Fire Collection

A Timeline of Firefighting in the Lambton Area

1875 – Lambton Fire Brigade established

1888 – Hamilton Fire Brigade established

1891 – Adamstown Fire Brigade established and their Fire Station is officially opened.

1896 – New Lambton Fire Brigade established

1897 – New Lambton’s first purpose built Fire Station is officially opened (same site as that still used in 2016)

1901 – Hamilton’s first purpose built Fire Station is officially opened (located in James Street)

1902 – Lambton’s Fire purpose built station opens (same site as that still used in 2016)

1905 – A Fire Brigade is established at Broadmeadow and Broadmeadow Fire Station is opened later in the year

1914 – Lambton receives a new Fire Station after the previous one was destroyed by a cyclone in

1913. The new Fire Station would remain in use until 2016.