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An Update from Our CEO - Lots Happening at the Museum in November!

Welcome to this fourth blog I find myself writing as CEO of the Museum of Fire. Time has absolutely been flying and the last month has been no different. Our team here at the Museum are amongst the hardest working in not just Australia but the world and as always, I am so proud to work alongside them.

Whether it is hosting speciality days at the Museum or attending official functions for Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) our team go above and beyond to represent the Museum in the best possible way.

The Museum's Mini-Shop at FRNSW Graduation
The Museum's Mini-Shop at FRNSW Graduation

You will notice in the picture here (right) that our team also attend FRNSW’s Graduations where the Museum has a small shop. If you look closer, you might also notice that we have some brand-new stock so head over to our website to see what is new and what is currently on sale! Here is the link to our online shop:

The last school holidays were incredibly busy at the Museum which has been a welcome sight following our forced closure due to the pandemic. We were also very pleased to have the Community Engagement Unit from FRNSW at the Museum each Thursday to celebrate our “Teachers’ Days” with all teachers who visited receiving free entry into the Museum while all visitors were able to see some amazing fire safety demonstrations by FRNSW.

FRNSW conduct a fire safety demonstration during the school holidays
FRNSW conduct a fire safety demonstration during the school holidays

Seeing so many happy smiling faces back in the Museum has kept everyone busy but it is only through people coming to visit that the Museum will be able to raise funds and modernize many of our displays. Thus, if you have not yet visited please do! Additionally, if you would like to support the Museum on an annual basis perhaps consider becoming a member of the Museum. For just $30 you receive some incredible benefits, so it is definitely worth checking it out

As we head towards the end of 2020 our team isn’t slowing down! We still have a lot happening at the Museum. On Sunday 22 November we are holding another Heritage Day following the success of the last one we held during History Week. On this day, you’ll find some of the fire engines rarely displayed from our collection in the Museum grounds. You’ll also get to witness the Historic Fire Engine Association (HFEA) performing historic feats of firefighting which is always a hit with all generations! The best part about this day is that it is FREE! Entry into the Museum is regular pricing however if you are a member then you can bring one friend along for FREE entry into the Museum! This is just one of the many special offers our members receive so why not become a member today?

If historic fire engines aren’t really your thing then maybe you can consider visiting during the summer to see the entries short listed for our 2020 Museum of Fire Art Competition! To pay tribute to our brave firefighters, following the horrors of last summer the theme of this competition is bushfires. We encourage all parents and schools to ask students to paint, draw, etch or use any medium they like to get creative! This competition is open to all primary school aged children and not only are there some great prizes up for grabs but the short listed entries will be displayed in the Museum over summer. Entries close at 5pm on Monday 30th November. See our website for more information

Before I conclude this blog I have been asked to put out a call for some specific NSWFB history on behalf of the Museum’s Curatorial Team. As the official Heritage Partner to FRNSW the Museum strives to collect all firefighting history of the brigade. Whilst undertaking an audit of our collection the team noticed some holes in our FRNSW Graduation ephemera collection (i.e. passing out parade programs). To complete the Museum’s collection and ensure the history is preserved we are seeking copies of the following Graduation/Ceremonial Parade programs. If you graduated in one of these years or classes we urge you to see if you have a copy at home. If you do please either email us at or call 02 4731 3000.

The programs the Museum needs are:

1964 (entire year)

1965 (entire year)

1966 (entire year)

1967 (entire year)

1968 (entire year)

1969 (entire year)

1970 (entire year)

1971 (entire year)

1973 (entire year)

1974 (entire year)

1975 (entire year)

1976 (entire year)

1977 (entire year)

1978 (entire year)

1979 (entire year)

1984 (entire year)

1987 (entire year)

1991 (entire year)

1992 (entire year)

1994 (Classes 1-6)

1995 (Classes 1-3)

1996 (entire year)

1997 (entire year)

1998 (entire year)

1999 (entire year)

2000 (Classes 1-2)

2001 (Classes 1 and 3)

2002 (class 2 and 5)

2003 (class 1, 3, 5, 6 & 7)

2004 (class 1)

2005 (entire year)

2006 (classes 1 to 7)

2007 (classes 2 to 5)

2008 (classes 1, 2 & 4)

2010 (class 2)

2011 (class 1)

2012 (class 1)

2013 (class 1

2016 (class 5)

Some of the Graduation items in the Museum collection
Some of the Graduation items in the Museum collection

We would also welcome any photographs (physical or digital copies) that you might have of your graduation ceremony. Your special memories can be preserved into the future as part of the museum’s photographic archive.

As always thank you all very much for your support and I look forward to seeing you in the Museum again soon!

-Belinda McMartin, Interim CEO


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