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To coincide with the National Trust's Annual Australian Heritage Festival the Museum is pleased to launch our new temporary exhibit - "Our Heritage". 

As an organisation that focuses so heavily on the past, we tend to overlook our own history in favour of pursuing other stories. But our history is important, too. 

Drawing on our heritage collections, this exhibition follows the Museum’s early development through to the organisation that it is today. 


Competition Jpeg.jpg

In this section of the exhibition, we are delighted to welcome entries from the next generation of heritage keepers, museum curators and historians.

Participants were asked to explain why the Museum of Fire and the heritage-listed building where we are based will be needed in the future. It is through these submissions that we can come to understand the future generation and their thoughts on heritage. 
The winner of this competition was Dhanush Peruri with "History Heritage". (pictured center)
Highly Commended was Heer Panchal with "Shadow". (pictured left)
The Curator's Award recipent was Diadem Ajani with "Don't worry, there's still time". (pictured right)

The People's Choice Winner will be announced shortly!


Thanks to the History Council of NSW, State Library NSW and koorong Books for providing the prizes for the awards. 

To learn more about the Museum's History Competition please visit our History Competition page.

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