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Are you passionate about history?


1st Prize Winner

Dhanush Peruri, Penrith High School, Year 7


Highly Commended

Heer Panchal, Penrith High School, Year 7


Curator's Award

Diadem Ajani, St. Patrick's College , Year 8

In 2021 the Museum is launching a brand new exhibit titled "Our Heritage". As part of this exhibition we are asking high school aged students why history and heritage is important. Please see the flyer below for information on how to enter this competition being hosted by the Museum and how you can have your work included in this new exhibition! Entries close 31 March 2021.

Competition Jpeg.jpg

Museum of Fire History Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. All entries must be at least 50 words with a maximum of 300 words.

  2. Only entries that directly address the topic: “Our Heritage, by the voices of the future” will be considered to be shortlisted.

  3. This competition is open to Australian high-school aged students only

  4. Only entrants who complete the entry form and have a permission form signed by a parent or guardian will be eligible for entry.

  5. All entries must be submitted to the Museum either via digital means or in person by 31 March 2021, 4pm unless an extension is granted.

  6. All extensions must be granted prior to the 31 March 2021.

  7. Any costs incurred in entering this competition is the responsibility of the child’s parent/guardian

  8. By submitting an entry you are agreeing to have your work potentially displayed in the Museum, digitally  and used in any associated marketing and media

  9. Up to TWO submissions will be accepted per person.


Terms & Conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the host organisation. Please contact the Museum for any additional information.

Please email all entries to:


Mail to:

Museum of Fire, PO BOX 400

Penrith 2751

Entry Form (click above pdf to download form)

*Entries submitted without this form signed by a parent/guardian will not be accepted.

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