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Welcome To Our New Blog!

Welcome to the Museum of Fire’s new blog! As the Museum’s newly appointed Interim CEO it gives me great joy to launch this wonderful project!

Belinda McMartin (CEO) and hersix month old Dalmatian Duke
Belinda McMartin (CEO) and her six month old Dalmatian Duke

Here at the Museum we receive numerous heritage inquiries and feedback relating to our historic posts we make on social media so we have decided to make some of our resources more accessible whilst also sharing some “behind the scenes” exclusives with you on a regular basis.

I’ll pop in from time to time to share some of the recent activities of the Museum and some exciting developments but this will be a blog dedicated to the heritage works of the Museum. We have a great heritage team and I am proud to lead this dynamic group.

As the heritage partner to Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) most of our heritage projects are specifically for FRNSW however we engage with all aspects of the community from individuals to other Museums and community organisations.

When guests visit the Museum, they see the displays (some which are admittedly dated) but do not necessarily realise all the work taking place behind the scenes. Thus, this blog is a great way to share work that the public would otherwise generally not get to see.

These are all the heritage books produced by the Museum's Heritage Team over the past 5 years

One of the most time consuming and rewarding projects for our heritage team is the work that takes place when FRNSW open a new station or celebrate the centenary of a brigade/station. For those that have been involved in these events or follow us on social media you will have seen the books we produce. These are produced specifically for each event as is a historic text, which is hung in the station and a picture slideshow that is used throughout the event. Each month we will share an abridged version of some of these books here on this blog as it is one of our most requested items. Hopefully, we will be able to build a great online catalogue of FRNSW history!

Until these start to appear don’t forget there is already a lot of information on the Museum website from history about the Women’s Fire Auxiliary to No 1, City of Sydney Fire Station. Just follow this link: or scroll through these blog pages to find them!

Next week we will launch our Curatorial Blog where each month members of our curatorial team (these are the people that care for the objects in the museum) will share some of the precious and new items that have come into the Museum’s collection. Most people don’t realise that a Museum only displays a portion of their collection with the majority actually in storage hence we are excited to get to share some of the items you may not have ever seen!

Until next time I'll leave you with some information about a photograph that has recently been trending on all kinds of social media. The Museum originally shared this image many years ago but it seems it has become quite popular recently with many people thinking we no longer exist! Rest assured we are here and this photograph does not depict a fire at the Museum. The smoke you can see is actually from the Harvey Norman Superstore fire on 24th February 2012.

Harvey Norman Superstore fire on 24th February 2012 (Museum of Fire Collection)

We are still here and we are waiting for you to come and visit! After the recent shutdown and loss of our major fundraising events the Museum needs your support so please come and visit us!

-Belinda McMartin, Interim CEO (former Senior Heritage and Research Officer)


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