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Two Years of the Museum's Blog!

Our mascot Duke with the printed blog (despite his expression he is an avid reader)!
Our mascot Duke with the printed blog (despite his expression he is an avid reader)!

This week’s blog marks two years since we made the decision to start producing a weekly blog and it is a decision that I am very glad we made!

One of the things Museum’s can do is to engage with audiences in new and exciting ways - a digital blog that covers a great variety of topics is the easiest way to attract new audiences, while also appealing and engaging with existing audiences.

The Museum’s blog covers a great variety of topics from what is currently taking place in the Museum, such as exhibition upgrades and museum events, to detailed vehicle blogs on historic appliances and station focuses that tell a quick but detailed story of a specific NSW fire brigade. In addition to this we have been able to produce blogs on many other topics such as the Women’s Fire Auxiliary, the creation of the Darwin Fire Brigade and the origins of firefighting in Sydney with the establishment of the fire brigade 200 years ago this year.

With so many topics, several external collaborations and so many of our team keen to contribute to the blogs I am really pleased to see this platform go from strength to strength.

Some of the Achievements and Events of the last twelve months by the Museum Team:

As a not-for-profit and charitable organisation, we don’t have an advertising budget, so it is great that this platform has allowed the Museum to become known to many people from all corners of the globe and it has played a role in growing the Museum’s visitation.

The last two years have flown by, and it is easy to forget how much we’ve actually achieved as an organization in this time. The blog is just one of so many other great innovations we’ve put in place to enhance the Museum's public offerings. To read more about everything else I’m talking about I recommend you check out all of our blogs by visiting the main blog page: https://www.museumoffire.net/blog

We understand that not all of our audiences have access to our digital blog so once a month our team produce a printed blog that is provided to those who have subscribed to the printed version and it is placed in our shop for visitors to take away with them. This printed version is very popular with many of our members and volunteers, plus it has proved to be a great way to introduce new visitors to our weekly blogs. (The printed version is shown above in the image with our mascot Duke)!

In our first year we produced 51 blogs while in our second year we produced 50!

This time last year, while we were in lockdown, we used the one-year birthday of our blog to reflect on some of our most popular stories from the previous year. Today, this is what we will be doing again as we feature the top 10 blogs of the last 12 months!

Number 10.

1976 Toyota Pumper being unloaded at the Museum of Fire, 1990.
1976 Toyota Pumper being unloaded at the Museum of Fire, 1990.

We start this look back at 2021-2022, the second year of our blog, with one of our more recent blogs: A Tale of Three Cities: Penrith, Fujieda and Kakusan produced by the Museum’s Heritage Manager Natasha on 22 March 2022.

In the lead up to the opening of our latest exhibit, Celebrating Our Connections with Japan, Natasha shone a light on two of the Japanese vehicles in the Museum’s collection - the 1976 Toyota Pumper and the Japanese hand pump.

This blog was popular with a number of different sectors of our audience with the photo pictured here being very popular on social media as well.

The exhibition has now opened but before you visit why not read this blog first: https://www.museumoffire.net/single-post/a-tale-of-three-cities-penrith-fujieda-and-hakusan

Number Nine.

We began the current 2021-2022 period in lockdown and remained in lockdown until October so it stands to reason that one of our lockdown blogs would make this list. With everyone stuck at home the number of readers of our blog increased which is reflected in this blog making it into the top 10 of most accessed blogs (you’ll also notice quite a few of this top 10 were produced during the lockdown)!

New research assistants; Duke & Suki (July 2021)
New research assistants; Duke & Suki (July 2021)

Working from Home – Lockdown 2021, published on 3 August 2021 featured a number of updates from the Museum team who were able to continue working during the lockdown. With the Museum closed all staff were stood down either completely or in-part. This blog discussed what the team had been up to and some of the challenges they faced while working from home.

Last week the team found themselves working from home again thanks to the floods but luckily everyone is back on site, and we continue to look towards a positive future.

To read the blog follow this link https://www.museumoffire.net/single-post/working-from-home-lockdown-2021

Number Eight.

Station Focus: No 484 Wallsend (1888-2018) (published 23 August 2021)