Museum of Fire Research Inquiries

The Museum of Fire is a not for profit, registered charity with only a small staff. To enable us to assist you with all your heritage inquiries we do charge a small fee. Please see below for a brief overview of our fees before contacting the Museum.


When you contact the Museum we will be able to provide you with a more detailed quote based on your request.

All payments can be made by direct deposit and these details will be provided with your quote.

General Fee Structure for Research Inquiries:

Initial search (e.g. photographic search or simple fact finding) - $30


Historic Research/Document (the production of any information requested into a short document) - $50+ depending on the level of research required (will be quoted before work is undertaken)


Receiving a digital photograph - $20+ depending on quality and usage (only photographs out of copyright or that the Museum has copyright over can be provided)

Please note fees are subject to change and all research will be undertaken at the discretion of the Museum's Heritage Team.

All research inquiries: 

For general histories please see the other pages listed under 'History" and keep an eye on the Museum's blog page!