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#183 Badge & ID Holder

#183 Badge & ID Holder

SKU: 183

Restricited to current serving Employee's of FRNSW.NEW & improved Australian design, of high quality Leather, FRNSW badge inside. ID Card & Badge Holder. 1 Photo/ ID window. Velcro Flap behind badge.  No embossed wallets left. (currently ID wallets sold will not be embossed till new stock comes in).


THIS IS NOT DESIGNED TO HOLD NOTES, COINS OR CARDS. If you want a wallet try 170W or 162W

  • RESTRICTED: FRNSW Personnel Only

    WARNING THE FOLLOWING DETAILS MUST BE PROVIDED BEFORE THE ORDER CAN BE PROCESSED. Service number, station/section and work number/ contact details in comments section for purchase. Wallets sent out within 48hrs, name plates sent seperately allow 6 to 8 weeks. Individual Name plate ordered separately (COST $22) on this site.


    Wallets in STOCK, set price of $12.00 for registered postage and handling. this will be adjusted during processing but will not apply if you purchase additional items

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