Penrith working truck show 2021 update

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Museum and the Penrith Working Truck Show. At the end of 2020 the Museum’s Board of Directors had no choice but to cancel the 2021 Penrith Working Truck Show due to the ongoing pandemic.


As you know, our team have since made every effort to ensure that the show could continue in 2021 in some format however due to costs and other circumstances, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the virtual show as well now.


This was a tough decision to make however we need to ensure the future of the Museum and as the last-minute cancellation of the show in 2020 had already cost the Museum $30,000 the possibility of further losses was too great to risk.


We hope you understand this decision and once again we appreciate your support.


If you did enter a truck, we will ensure a complete refund is made available to you however if you are able to donate your entry fee to the Museum it would be greatly appreciated.


We hope you will continue to support the Museum and our many other smaller events that we will be holding throughout 2021. Please visit our website for more information

Principal Sponsors

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This show is owned and fully managed by the Museum of Fire, a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation.


The Museum is indebted to the Sponsors, supporters, attendees and the many volunteers who come together on the day to run this special community event.