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Penrith working truck show 2022 update

Due to the impacts of the 2020 and extended 2021 closures of the Museum and the current uncertainty around the pandemic, especially in relation to public events, the Museum of Fire’s Board of Directors have confirmed that the Penrith Working Truck Show will not be able to held in 2022.

The Board are very pleased with how the Museum and the Museum’s team have handled the previous difficult two years and managed to bring the Museum into a stable position.

The success of reaching new audiences through the Museum’s enhanced heritage focus has created a sound foundation for the future and the Board are impressed by the efforts of both staff and volunteers to uncover new avenues for Museum visitation in a way that supports the core principals and vision of the Museum.

The Museum values everyone’s ongoing support for both this event over the years and the Museum. Unfortunately, these difficult times have made the organization of any large-scale events impossible.

As a not-for-profit and registered charity the Museum welcomes any external organsiations to hire the grounds for their own events, so should you wish to do so please contact the museum on 02 4731 3000 or visit our website


We hope you will continue to support the Museum by visiting.

Principal Sponsors

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This show is owned and fully managed by the Museum of Fire, a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation.


The Museum is indebted to the Sponsors, supporters, attendees and the many volunteers who come together on the day to run this special community event.

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