How have the 2022 floods affected the Museum?

As many of you will know the only way for the Museum to be able to pay our staff and undertake our heritage programs is to be open to the public. While we had hoped to re-open today and remain open it has become clear that this is sadly not possible.


The number of roads around the Museum that are closed is increasing and the Museum’s main driveway is also very close to going under the rising floodwaters (this is a level many of our team have not seen before). The adverse conditions have also meant that most of our staff are unable to access the Museum.

For this reason and to keep the public safe (and off the roads) we have made the tough decision to remain closed until further notice. On Tuesday 8th March the Museum was included in a compulsory flood evacuation order so will remain closed until it is safe for staff and volunteers to return. 

We ask that you please refrain from driving on the roads unless absolutely essential and NEVER drive through floodwaters. We are working to keep our staff safe as well as the Museum.


In addition, due to the impact the floods have had on the grounds the fire engine rides scheduled for this weekend have had to be postponed. Even if the rain was to stop within the next 48 hours it is unlikely that the grounds would be stable enough for our fire engine rides to take place without the fire engine becoming bogged or doing further damage to both the engine and grounds.


We appreciate your understanding and ask that you keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.