The Collection

The Museum of Fire has one of the Worlds largest and most unique fire collections. Within its collection it contains an impressive amount of Fire Fighting equipment and memorabilia. It represents equipment from NSW, other states of Australia and Countries around the World.


One of the main parts of our world class fire engine collection features  hand drawn, horse drawn and motorised vehicles dating from the late 18th century up to the 1980s. You will be overcome by the variation, age and unique construction types.


Fire fighting tunics, dress uniforms, helmets, badges, buttons, patches, medals, insignia, etc from Australia and all over the world.


Telephones, switchboards, radios, fire alarm systems.

Fire Fighting Tools

Hoses, nozzles, branches, standpipes, axes, extinguishers, rescue, hazmat.

Protective Equipment

Breathing apparatus, heat suits, chemical suits

Special Displays

Featuring items from the Museum's vast collections:

  • The Insurance Company Fire Brigades of the 18th/19th centuries:
    In the 18th and 19th centuries, many Insurance companies had their own water firemen to protect their insured risks.

  • Firefighting in the 19th century.:
    Hand drawn, horse drawn, hand operated and steam fire engines.

  • Breathing apparatus:
    How firefighters survive in smoke and gas conditions.

  • Fire Station communications.
    How the fire services communicated in the days before mobile phones and computers. Includes the 1908 hand crafted wooden switchboard from Sydney's Headquarters Fire Station.

  • Fire and World War 2
    See how fire was used during the war, and how it was fought.

  • Firefighting in the NSW snowfields:
    Conventional fire engines cannot operate in snow covered conditions, learn about special appliances developed for this problem

  • Bush Fire fighting and Brigades:
    How bush fires effect your life and the environment. How to protect your property from danger.
    Equipment used by bush fire fighters: trucks, pumps, and hand tools

  • Firefighting on Sydney Harbour:
    History of the fire floats on Sydney Harbour, operated by various harbour authorities.

  • Fire extinguishers:
    Glass grenades, pistols, strange chemicals; the development of hand held fire extinguishers

  • Fire Helmets from around the world.
    See the development of protective head gear from the 19th century to the present day.

  • Toys and models:
    Children's playthings to serious collectible models, depicting the development of real fire engines

  • Children's play and activities area:
    Drive a fire engine, interactive computer games.