The Leyland FT3 "Lioness" Pumper

The 1938 Leyland FT3 “Lioness” pumper is one of the rarer motor appliances in the Museum’s vehicle collection. Although Leyland Motors Ltd was a major builder of fire engines in the UK and actively competed with Dennis Bros and Merryweather & Sons for local and export markets, they did not have a large presence in Australia. Between 1910 and 1945, Leyland Motors Ltd. sold only seven pumpers. Just three were purchased by the NSW Fire Brigades (now Fire and Rescue NSW), including models FK1, FK8 and FT3. Leyland Motors Ltd and the FT Series Until 1930, Leyland Motors produced a larger proportion of buses, lorries and other vehicles compared to their specialist fire appliances. Notably, at the

The Women's Fire Auxiliary (WFA)

Last week we shared some of the history of Narrabeen Fire Brigade but did you know that the station was home to a WFA (Women's Fire Auxiliary) unit? During the war Narrabeen Fire Station had 15 women enlisted in the WFA. These women were: E. Duker, S. Ford, J. Harris, M. Jones, A. Kirkwood, B. Kirkwood, O. Kirkwood, M. Haynes, L. McLean, P. McLean, I. Moss, I. Sims, V. Slater, A. Ward and M. Williams. All, except one member of the Narrabeen WFA were appointed on 1 April 1943. Later in 1943 renovations were made to Narrabeen Fire Station to accommodate the WFA, creating a separate changeroom and toilet for the women to use during drills and while they were working at the station. This unit wa

Station Focus: No. 68 Narrabeen Fire Brigade (1920-2020)

*This information is an extract from the colour-book produced by the Museum of Fire's Heritage Team to celebrate the centenary of Narrabeen Fire Brigade. Should you wish to use any of the information and pictures provided we ask that you please reference the Museum correctly and contact the Museum for permission where applicable. The Establishment of Narrabeen Fire Brigade Though relatively close to Sydney and the Sydney Fire District, Narrabeen remains rather isolated. In 1919 this issue was of great concern to locals given the response time of brigades from the Sydney if there were to be a major fire. The Board of Fire Commissioners of NSW conceded that this was a reasonable concern and s

From our Archive: the Museum's Postage Stamps & Post Office, 1983

In preparation for World Post Day this Friday, we explored the Museum’s photograph and document archives to uncover a range of material with post-related stories! One photograph that particularly stood out to us showed the Museum’s temporary post office at its former location in Walsh Bay (back when it was known as the NSW Fire Service Museum). From 12-18 January in 1983 a temporary post office was established at the Museum to mark the release of the Historic Fire Engines stamp series. These stamps were issued by Australia Post and paid tribute to the dedicated efforts of Australia’s firefighting personnel. As the Museum assisted Australia Post and the artist, Alan Puckett, in the production

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