Women's Fire Auxiliary (1940 - 1945)

The Woman's Fire Auxiliary was inaugurated in June 1940, as a means for women to assist in the War Effort. Lady Wakehurst, the wife of the Governor of NSW, was a driving force in the formation of the WFA, and was subsequently elected president. The first members were recruited from the WANS (Women's Australian National Service), and among other things, were put through an eight week course in Air Raid Procedures, dealing with incendiary bombs, fires in the home, rescue work, first aid, operating chemical extinquishers, station procedures, and Watchroom Duties. On passing an examination, they were attached to the Fire Station in their locality, and continued to advance in their training fr

Penrith Power Station

The former Penrith Power Station is now the home of the Museum of Fire. Construction started on the building in 1951 and was the first contract construction job of the newly formed Electricity Commisssion of NSW. The building is heritage listed. Many requests for information are received from students studying history. We will shortly post more details. Untill then for a small cost, photocopies of parts of heritage studies are available at the Museum upon request.

No1 Station, City of Sydney

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), the precursor to the NSW Fire Brigades, was established on 14 February 1884. MFB headquarters was operating from the old Insurance Brigade Headquarters in Bathurst Street, and there was a pressing demand for a new central fire station. In July 1884 the Government purchased a site on the western side of Castlereagh Street for the sum of £10,000, and in 1888 the new station was completed. All fire stations were given a number as they were built, starting with Headquarters or No 1, but City of Sydney was not actually the first fire station built for the MFB, the honour going to Marrickville which was opened in 1886. The design, by the Colonial Architect's De

Logo NSW Fire Brigades

"ORTA RECENS QUAM PURA NITES- Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine" The State motto, proudly featured on the NSW Coat of Arms, is an important component of the NSW Fire Brigades Logo... but it wasn't featured in the original designs, which were considered and approved by the Board of Fire Commissioners. District Officer Rogers was, at the time, the Permanent Firemen's Representative on the Board of Fire Commissioners. In 1977, following a report being furnished by District Officer, Warwick (Buck) Rogers and other senior officers, Chief Officer F. Davies suggested the formation of a Uniform Committee to look into the question of a change in uniform and insignia. Subsequently, members of t

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