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2021 Ask A Curator Day

What is a curator?


A curator is defined as a keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection. It is Curators who oversee the conservation and preservation of a collection. They also play a big role in deciding what is displayed in Museum exhibits and what history is shared.


In small Museums a curator often wears many hats and this is the case for our team.

This year we have a week-long takeover for to celebrate!


What Does A Day in the Life of a Curator look like? 

As part of our curatorial take over we joined our Curator Laura as she went about her day at the Museum. You can catch up by viewing our stories on Instagram or head over to our latest blog for a snapshot. 

Blog Link:


Special Edition Curator Blog to celebrate Ask A Curator Day

Want to know more about what a curator does? 

Ever wondered why people become curators? 

Head over to this week's special Curator Blog to find out the answers to these and more!

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Wednesday 15th September 2021

live q & a FOR ask a curator day

Join our CEO Belinda and Curator Laura as they "ask a curator"!



Curator's Box

What is inside our Curator's Box?

Yesterday we showed a sneak peak of a new box and today to celebrate our weeklong #Askacuratorday takeover we are launching our new Curator box!

What is in the box?

It has been put together by our shop and curatorial teams to include some great heritage related items. This includes an exclusive station booklet!

These station books are not available for individual sale and the one you receive when you purchase this box will be a mystery as they are subject to availability but we can confirm you will receive a great historic book that was researched and published by our heritage team!

Proceeds from the sale of the boxes go directly to helping maintain the Museum and allows us to continue our educational and heritage works.

The box is just $30 (plus postage).

To order yours click here and visit our shop!

Music: Memories

Musician: LiQWYD



All About Photos

We often get asked how many photographs are in our collection and if we will ever run out of stories and photographs to share for #FlashbackFriday

Our Curator Laura is here to tell you that with our physical photographic collection alone we will always have a story to share!



We have been celebrating #AskACuratorDay all week as a way to pay tribute to our team who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the Museum going and getting it ready for when we re-open.

We asked our Curator Laura to talk about things big and small!


Big and Small Objects

SUNDAY: That chip packet!


A 2014 Tyrrell’s Hand Cooked English Crisps packet is an item that you might not imagine in a Museum collection.

The long gone Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper flavoured (‘extinguish with a pint of butter’) crisps were wrapped in almost standard foil packaging, however, it featured a photograph of the 1913 Girling Motor Manufacturing Demonstration Car (No. 1).

There is also a ‘caption this’ quip on the back of the packet, which remarks on the firefighters brass helmets, stating ‘Perhaps spending the entire budget on gold helmets was a mistake’.

But why is it in our collection? Because it includes a fire engine?

Scroll Up and watch our LIVE Q & A to learn more about the packet!



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