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Thank You to everyone who joined us for #AskACuratorDay2020 today!

If you missed the LIVE Q & A with our team please scroll below for the video! Some of the questions asked were:

  • What does your typical day look like? 

  • What do you love about your job? 

  • What’s your favourite object? 

  • How have you done you job during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

  • How do you get a job in a museum? 

  • Do you collect anything yourself? 

  • Why did you become a curator? 

  • Have any items in your collection gone viral? 

  • What’s your favourite museum to visit other than your own? 

  • How are you collecting the digital world? 

  • Which superpower would be most useful to a curator? 

To celebrate #AskACuratorDay we also hosted our first digital excursion today! Pictured here is the team in action! Thank you to the schools who supported today's initiative! We loved being able to share the Museum with you even though you couldn't psychically visit! 

To learn more please contact our team by calling 4731 3000!

Above: Live Q & A with our CEO Belinda McMartin and Curator Laura Anderson.

Below: We received some extra questions for our team today please see a compilation of their answers below!

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